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February 1, 2021


Entrepreneurs and businesses are actively looking for ways to manage inbound electronic mails. We will explore how our virtual assistant email management services can help.

Email correspondence is a legitimate way business and customers communicate. Entities use emails to address matters and organizational procedures.

Strategic communications management includes having email management solutions. Email services monitor and manage your email communications. This is a practical supportive role that virtual assistants can do.

Businesses and organizations tend to receive high volumes of emails. Business executives may spend almost the whole day reviewing and answering emails.

Email Management Solutions

Even managers with good time management practices find it hard to monitor emails. They can get stuck at the computer replying to a high volume of emails. Hence many companies take the shrewd approach to handle this dilemma. They outsource email communication management tasks to remote virtual assistants.

Entrepreneurs, executive managers, and project managers appreciate email services as communication tools. It is a fact that all modern-day persons appreciate emails. But reviewing, writing, and responding to emails are mundane and time-consuming tasks.

With this approach, you can refocus precious resources, time, and energy. Executive managers can now direct their time and energy to other projects.

Email Management Tips and Tricks

There is no shame in getting help. That is the ultimate tip and trick to effective email management. If you are in an institution that receives too many emails for you to handle. Hire a virtual assistant. Here are our efficient email management processes.

01. Checking Emails

Your email virtual assistant will process your emails regularly. You could decide and arrange how often your VA checks your emails. This will keep inbound emails at manageable levels. Here is a tip: It is essential to check and process electronic mail daily.

02. Reading Emails

Entrepreneurs and managers want to deal with important business matters first. Your VA will read and prioritize your emails. They will draw deadlines and priority emails to your attention. You can now keep up with those time-sensitive emails and reply on time.

03. Drafting Emails

Business emails take the place of letters. It is thus important to use good writing practices to draft emails. Your virtual assistant will use top strategies for writing effective email correspondence.

04. Organizing Emails

Your virtual assistant can organize your emails. They can put your emails into categories and create special email filters. They will also archive and backup emails and flag priority emails. With help, your email inbox will be easier for you to manage.

05. Categorize Emails

Your virtual assistant will create labels, folders, and categories for your email. Properly sorting your emails will help you to prioritize your email correspondence. Using email labels gives you the flexibility to tag or group emails of the same nature.

06. Creating Email Filters

Email filters give you the ability to sort mail automatically. With filters, you can route specific emails to special folders. You can even direct them to another email address. Your virtual assistant email manager can set up your email filters for you. This will reduce the amount of time you spend administering and sorting your emails.

07. Archive and Backup Emails

Many email servers only give you a certain amount of storage space. Every email you receive will diminish some of your email storage space. Emails with large attachments reduce email inbox storage space faster. Backing up your email to another location comes in handy. Your VA will create a proper process to archive emails and backup emails to the cloud.

08. Deleting Spam

Junk email can crowd out the important emails in your inbox. Plus they are so invasive and persistent. Getting rid of them can become very annoying. Your email manager will ensure that these unsolicited emails do not distract you. Your email virtual assistant will filter and delete spam emails.

09. Manage Email Subscriptions

Subscribing to other mediums can be good. But it can at times become tiresome when these mediums bombard you with email and promotions. Unsubscribing can also become a tedious thing to do. Your virtual assistant will manage your email subscription. Email subscriptions will not be overwhelming anymore.

10. Creating Email Templates

Email templates add a professional look to your correspondence. Such templates provide you with a layout format for outbound emails. They also are good for email business newsletters. Email template designers will create mobile-friendly and responsive email templates.

Hire Email Management Services

Qikassist can assist you with your email management. We will do the updating of your contacts list, filtering of emails, and ridding your inbox of spam. 

Qikassist has professional writing solutions. We can assist with reviewing, drafting, writing, and responding to emails. Our business model invests in good business strategies. We are intuitive to promptness and meeting deadlines.

Qikassist will draw your attention to urgent emails and time-sensitive correspondence. We can also plan and manage emailing newsletters to subscribers.

Our virtual assistants will:

  • Check, Read, Prioritize and Draft Emails
  • Organize, Categorize and Filter emails
  • Remove Spam Emails
  • Archive and Backup Emails
  • Manage Email Subscriptions
  • Create Email Templates

Contact us to arrange a free consultation.

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