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Professional support to help you start, run, and grow your business. Our services are composite and essential for business growth. Get excellent virtual assistance in a variety of areas. You can customize our services to suit your needs, profession, and budget.


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Business Services

Improve customer support, office administration and clerical procedures. Save time and money.

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Many of the tasks done at an office can be done online. Outsourcing such tasks could help you find an extra flow of cash. Our business services reduce hiring processes and save business resources. Plus, your work will be done on time. We provide businesses and professionals (you) with many services.
We support business administration, which allows you to reduce expenses and enhance growth. Our business services include appointment setting, schedule management, handling communications, data entry, proofreading, writing services, typing services, invoicing, payroll, transcription, research, document creation, and branding.
You can customize what you need us to do for you. Feel free to combine a few or many of our business services according to your needs. Our business services are ideal for save time, energy and money. You will receive support over the web.

Online Marketing Services

Increase your online presence. Use the internet to reach more customers and increase profits.

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It is not a walk in the park creating, managing and maintaining a profitable online presence. Techniques involved in traffic growth and customer retention via the web are many. We provide these services to you. This frees up your time for other income-generating office matters.

We strategically plan the best ways to direct the right traffic to your website. Our online marketing techniques are all white hat and industry approved. Hire us to build your web presence. See how we use online marketing to promote your business and get more visitors to your business.

Our online marketing services include search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing. Have a consultation with us so you can determine your needs. We will help you create an internet marketing plan that suits your budget.

Virtual Secretary for Lawyers

Hire us as virtual assistants to legal practitioners. Get clerical and administrative support.

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Assign to us your firm’s virtual secretary role. We are not lawyers or paralegals. We do not give legal advice or act as an attorney at law. Although we are not lawyers we have a background in various areas of law. This makes us competent legal support professionals. With the necessary knowledge gained through several years of experience.

Our legal and administrative support for lawyers provides remote help at affordable rates. Reach out to us if you are a solo attorney or boutique law firm needing some clerical help. We only perform work that can be done from a remote location.

This special plan provides legal support and tech-savvy services to lawyers. Assign your clerical and administrative tasks to us, typing, transcription, preparing legal documents, drafting correspondence, handing emails and appointments, research, invoicing and billings.

Training & Consultations

Be Trained. Or Train Your Employees. We provide online training and consultation.

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With the advancing pace of technology, training is essential. Keep up with new software and procedures. Both employee and managerial training are important for workplace productivity. Being versed in topics relevant to the job improves employer satisfaction. It also empowers staff and then builds a strong workforce.

Our training and consultations are set up according to the needs of our clients. In addition to this, we offer courses and webinar sessions that educate. Build knowledge concerning business development and various web techniques that grow businesses.

We create virtual training sessions for you/your workforce. We teach and you learn according to your requirements and needs. All our training and consultations are online. We cater to individuals, employees, and groups. The fields our training resources cover are business, web development, and online marketing.

Web Development & Support

Get a website online with our website development, maintenance, and management services. 

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In these modern times, almost all businesses are getting online. This is true for large and small entities. They are trying to adopt a virtual presence to reach a larger scale of customers. These businesses are capitalizing on the way the virtual presence of a business can transcend small boundaries.

Let us help you create, design, maintain and/or manage your website. We will set up a WordPress website or build one from scratch. Your site will be a modern, responsive and mobile-friendly website.

We also provide website maintenance and management services. These website support services are important. They will keep your website/blog, updated and performing properly. We have affordable fees for doing so.

Intellectual Property Services

Trademark proprietors, agents, and lawyers can get valuable IP support. We help manage IP portfolios.

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Get help with filings and maintaining intellectual property worldwide. Let us start with we are neither lawyers nor trademark agents. But we offer supporting IP services.

Trademark proprietors, IP firms, trademark agents, and legal practitioners can outsource IP tasks. We will be your virtual support IP assistants. We provide cost-effective ways to aid in your trademark filings and maintenance. Get help in securing trademarks and brands around the world.

We are happy to assist in the management of IP portfolios. We can take care of your preliminary IP tasks. Query the IP processes in countries, prepare filing documents based on specimens. Coordinate the filing of trademark applications and recording changes thereto. Our IP services are very professional and include the coordinating of trademark searches, registrations, renewals, and other enforcement and maintenance actions.

Virtual Assistants to Professionals

Our typical clients are from various sectors. We have services that are suitable for you.

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A personal assistant who would physically be with you would be nice. But some offices and professionals can rely on a virtual assistant to get their work done. This is because onsite workers are not always cost-effective. Sometimes, it costs more since you have to consider paying benefits, taxes and so forth. A cheaper option would be hiring a virtual assistant.

We would like to assist you with your day to day activities. It would free you from having to do mundane tasks. Help you to concentrate on other important aspects of your business. Focus on business acquisition and other means to increase revenues. Our services are suitable for professionals in various fields.

We want to help lawyers, business executives, startups, solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, human resource departments, and even developing/small companies. These plans are composite and affordable. We are also willing to keep within your budget.

Customized Services

Assess your professional requirements. Create a unique plan that meets your needs.

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You would know the best way to save your time and money. That is why we allow you this service feature. You have the freedom to customize any of our services to suit your needs.

You are the best person to assess your professional needs and business requirements. Consider your circumstances. Use this information to select the services you need from us. Once you identify which of our services best suits you, we will craft a plan that suits your budget.

You can combine our various services. Add or remove miscellaneous services that would not apply to you. We are willing to work with you to create a plan unique to your workload, budget, and requirements. We are flexible and happy to help.

Get the help you need.

Qikassist would be happy to be your virtual assistant. Our rates are affordable. Contact us today.

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