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March 7, 2020

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Our services include special plans for legal professionals. We would be highlighting these services for you. Qikassist is the best virtual assistant for attorneys.

We are humans who have worked in the real world. From onsite jobs and education, we have gained professional expertise in various areas. Now, we work from a remote location. Hence, we rely on the internet to complete virtual assistant duties for our customers. We use internet services such as Cloud, file sharing, and remote desktop programs. Software and communication tools help us to connect with clients and complete work.

Why a Virtual Assistant for Attorneys?

Legal practitioners and law firms can hire us as their virtual assistant. We provide legal support and tech-savvy services to lawyers. Whether you are a sole practitioner or boutique law firm looking for extra help we are here for you. We must emphasize that we are not lawyers or paralegals. We do not give legal advice or act as an attorney at law in any jurisdiction. But we do have real-world experience working worked in the legal field.

People are admitting that many tasks a clerk does onsite in the office are doable offsite. That is why many professionals are downsizing their workforce. Management across many industries is hiring people to work from home online. Some employees are even reducing their work hours. Also, professionals are opting out of office work to working online from their homes where possible.

Qikassist allows lawyers to take advantage of this working model. What we do is any task that does not need our physical presence in an office. We create working relationships with our clients and work from our remote location. Attorneys at law in any country or jurisdiction can hire us. They can delegate various work to us. You can get your correspondence, legal forms, and documents prepared.

Attorneys Save Resources with Virtual Assistants

This method of delegating work saves lawyers resources such as time and money. Your law practice may have a lot of work. You may need more than one secretary to carry out the work. But you do not have the time and money to hire the correct amount of office staff to do the work. Assign to us the work that we can do from our remote location. You would not need to hire legions of assistants in your law firm.

Here is a factor that makes us a good fit for individual attorneys and law firms. Entities are downsizing the workforce in the business world. They are replacing human workers with computerized machines. Businesses are also delegating the work done by onsite assistants to remote assistants. This factor also has to do with technology. Technology continues to advance. This makes it easier to complete more tasks from a remote location. We use various technologies to carry out tasks on our client’s behalf.

Our virtual assistant services for attorneys include legal support and tech-savvy services.

Virtual Assistant Support for Attorneys

We provide many business support services directed at law firms and legal professionals. Our services are of expert quality and done by knowledgeable virtual workers. Attorneys would not regret outsourcing their office support work for us to do. Here are our business support services for lawyers.

Virtual Secretary for Lawyers

We would be your virtual secretary. As a virtual assistant to legal practitioners, we do clerical and secretarial duties. We prepare, proofread, type legal documents. We assist you in many areas of law using your templates and requirements. We could format documents and draft correspondence. According to your requirements, we can be available at times you need. You would be able to dictate your documents to us and we can type it up for you. In addition to this, we would manage your e-files. Thus ensuring your virtual files are being managed and filed properly.

Administrative Support for Attorneys

We handle research, employment-related calculations, and documentation, payroll, data entry, invoices, and billings. For instance, if you are a lawyer timing is of the essence. It could be a challenge to keep personal appointments, client meetings, and court schedules. We help you with your appointment hassles. We would manage your appointments and keep you abreast of your schedule. As your legal virtual assistant, we will also handle communications such as emails. Create templates and forms and make travel arrangements for you.

Intellectual Property Services

As stated before we are not lawyers. But we also offer legal practitioners trademark-related help. This service is also extended to IP proprietors, trademark agents, firms, and paralegals. Many trademark firms need help to manage their trademark portfolios. This is what we do. We assist in coordinating trademark searches, registrations, renewals, and other enforcement and maintenance actions. Our virtual nature allows us to coordinate trademark work in countries anywhere in the world. So whether you would like trademark maintenance in the Caribbean, United States, Europe or anywhere else engage a discussion with us.

Law Firm Transcription Services

There are various ways we can do this. Based on your availability we will set an appropriate time for a call. When connecting as schedule you can dictate to us your letters, court documents or whatever. You can also record your dictation and send it to us. We will then transcribe your dictation. We are fluent English speakers and will transcribe in either US or UK language styles. You just let us know which you prefer. We also transcribe any other audio or video recordings you would need.

Technical Virtual Assistant for Attorneys

The flip side of our services is that we are technical too. Whereas your onsite secretary would do the tasks a typical secretary would do. We, on the other hand, extend to you many tech-savvy services. The services listed below are important in these times for any business to grow. These services are for getting the word out about your law firm and generating customers. The services listed below are the technical support we provide to attorneys.

Website Development for Law Firms

Our website development service includes designing, maintaining, and managing a modern and user-friendly website for your law firm. Certainly. we can create a mobile responsive website for you. But, if you already have a website, no problem, we would re-design it if necessary. Our website development services also include managing your website. As your webmasters, we would handle communications and publishing on your website. Website maintenance is very necessary. A static website is not always seen by internet users. So a website must be maintained and managed. We will ensure your site is always functioning and performing as it should.

Online Marketing Services – SEO for lawyers

To promote and advertise your legal practice you must combine internet marketing techniques. As your virtual assistant, we would also assist you with digital marketing. This includes support with content writing, social media management, email management, and search engine optimization. Professionals are becoming aware that these services are necessary to grow their business. Similarly, getting traffic to your website helps lawyers to gain new and repeat clients.

Video Marketing & Podcasting

Video marketing and podcasting are two methods used to communicate with an audience. Both are methods that would aid business growth and online marketing techniques. They help you build and engage an audience. We would help you come up with topic ideas, edit videos and podcasts, and animate videos. We would also publish your videos and podcasts on the right platforms.

Other Virtual Assistant Services

Other virtual assistant services for attorneys are graphic design services and training.

Graphic design – We will create graphics for your website and social media. We would also design, print, and arrange for the delivery to you of business cards, letterheads, flyers, and brochures, etc.

Consultations – We also provide training and consultations. These resources aim to build strong, efficient, well-administered brands/businesses. This service is administered individually or in groups. We could create a webinar training session per your requirements for you or a group.


In conclusion, we are your virtual assistant for hire that works from a remote location. All our work and communication are done virtually. Hence we get the most out of the flexibility the internet provides. Above all, as experienced and respectful professionals together we can create a good working relationship. Our strategy is to exert ourselves by working along with clients to help them get their work done. Our business and web services are ideal for saving time, energy, and money. You will receive top of the line support over the web.

Qikassist does virtual assistant for attorneys and other professionals. We also have unique BPO plans to suit other industries. So whether you are a lawyer, solo-entrepreneur, start-up, business executive, small business, online store, customer service platform just to mention a few, feel free to contact us.

Qikassist is the best virtual assistant for attorneys. Our virtual assistant services include business support and SEO for lawyers.

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