What is a Virtual Assistant and What do they do?

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March 2, 2020

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In this article, you will see what is a virtual assistant and what do they do? See what are virtual assistant duties and their salaries.  

Assisting persons online is a kind of self-employment available over the internet. Virtual assistants (VAs) form part of this workforce. Specialized companies also provide remote services to businesses and/or individuals. Virtual assistant aims to help their clients reduce their workload.   

Who are Virtual Assistants?  

Virtual assistants are individuals who work for professionals and businesses via the internet. They carry out various clerical, secretarial, administrative and technical work for their clients from a remote location.   

Virtual assistant services revolutionize the work industry. Most VA’s worked in the real (onsite) business environment. There they amassed clerical and secretarial skills, knowledge and experience. VAs transition these skills into an effective virtual business model. Entrepreneurs of this generation require things done fast and at a minimal cost. They are also very technical and look forward to utilizing innovative measures. So, they hire virtual assistants to give them professional support in a variety of areas.   

How is a virtual assistant paid?  

There are those occasional days when there is not much work for clerical officers to do in some offices. An employer may have looked over at their secretary and realized that there is no work for them to do. It may be a slow day and they have completed their daily tasks already. But they are still in the office, time is going and still have no extra work to do. Still, that employer must pay that employee for being on the job. Even for the times when they sat in the office doing nothing. Imagine if an employer can hire a secretary for only the times, they needed them. That employer will not have to pay a regular monthly salary to an office assistant. Sure, they can hire an office temp. But even office temps encounter extra free time during working hours.    

What times do Virtual Assistants work?  

On the other hand, if that employer hires an online office assistant, they will save time and money. Whether the virtual assistant works part-time or full time it’s up to you and your VA. But generally, VA’s set times to work when a client needs them. So, you can decide the critical times you will need your virtual assistant. VA’s can decide when and if they are available to work during that time. Together you and your VA can come up with appropriate times for both of you. You can also stipulate the length of time your VA will work for.   

A virtual assistant works on an as-needed basis. This is one of the foremost reasons you should opt for a virtual assistant rather than a full-time secretary. A VA can work part-time for you, seasonally or full time. They will aim to complete your work on a timely basis. Completing tasks of satisfactorily quality in a timely fashion is important to you. It is an undertaking that the best virtual assistants are serious about.   

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What can a Virtual Assistant do for you?    

 In many industries, management is trying to cut costs while simplifying their work processes. In addition to this entrepreneurs and professionals are trying to go it alone in their startups. But they find that they need assistance here and there. Virtual assistants will help you to reduce your workload while cutting costs.  

Traditional Office Assistant Jobs   

Virtual assistant services perform a wide range of tasks. Their workload involves many of the work a traditional office assistant does.   

Complete Your to Do List   

Your virtual assistant will help you to complete your task list. Your VA will give you the time you need. You will be able to focus on work that will aid business growth.    

Complete Tedious Tasks   

Mundane tasks are time-consuming. They can ruin relationships and rob you of social life. Your VA can complete those tedious tasks that you had to do. At the end of the day or work period how happy you would be knowing that such tasks were taken care of.   

Virtual Assistants performs remote tasks   

Virtual assistants perform tasks that an executive assistant or secretary does. But only those tasks that can be done from a remote location. This is a very efficient business pattern. It gives VAs reasonable flexibility when handling jobs.   

25 Virtual Assistant Services

Some VAs can be very comprehensive. Offering clients support in clerical but also technical fields too. You may find that your VA handles correspondence, draft documents, and so on. But they may also be able to perform website development tasks. Virtual assistant companies offer many VA services to clients.   

Here is a list of some virtual assistant duties you can outsource:   

  1. Proofreading  
  2. Typing  
  3. Drafting Correspondence  
  4. Creating documents and templates  
  5. Completing specimen forms  
  6. E-file management  
  7. Calendar management  
  8. Appointment setting  
  9. Billing  
  10. Payroll  
  11. Research  
  12. Accounting  
  13. Preparing presentations  
  14. Database management  
  15. Website design  
  16. Webmaster tasks  
  17. Email management  
  18. Online Marketing  
  19. SEO  
  20. Graphic design  
  21. Social Media Management  
  22. Transcription  
  23. Hotel & Flight bookings  
  24. Content Writing  
  25. Managing comments on a website  


If you have work to be done but do not need to hire a full-time worker, hire a virtual assistant instead. Virtual assistant freelancers work from remote locations, leveraging the power of the internet. You and your VA will determine their working hours. Think of the best times you would like your VA to work. Share this information with your virtual assistant. Your VA, in turn, will build a schedule to work with you, for the length of time you requested. There is no virtual assistant salary. You pay as you go only for work done.  

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