How To Create A Virtual Assistant Business?

Written by Qikassist

March 13, 2023


Virtual assistant businesses have been on the rise in the past few years. Many people are looking for help with administrative tasks or project-based work, and this is a great field to get into for those who are looking for a part-time, side-job, or full-time job.

Virtual assistants help clients with various tasks and projects via computer software and the internet. This can include organizing emails and calendars, making phone calls, research, writing emails or letters, marketing, and many other tasks.

Some clients use their VA’s exclusively to fulfill certain tasks or projects, while others use a VA to complete general organizational tasks like scheduling and organizing email and phone calls. Some clients have VAs handle all of their communication as well as organization. It depends on the client’s needs and what they are seeking help with.

There are many ways to get started as a virtual assistant, but most require some formal education by the VA.

Create a website

A major part of building your virtual assistant business is creating a professional website. A website showcases your work and credibility, gives potential clients’ information, and allows them to contact you.

Having a website is almost mandatory these days. Clients will not call or contact you if they can’t find you!

In this digital age, there are several ways to create a website. You can purchase and create your own domain on a hosting site, use a free platform like WordPress or Google Docs to create one, or use an online virtual assistant service that offers one.

These have advantages and disadvantages. Domain registration varies in price depending on the domain name you choose and where you get it from. Some are free through different platforms, however.

WordPress is a free platform, but has optional paid features called ‘plug-ins’ that make your website more advanced or functional. Google Docs has no features other than being an interactive document folder.

Purchase advertising space

Once you have your website built, the next step is to get your website out there. This can be done by purchasing advertising space on sites that connect professionals with consumers.

There are many sites that offer advertising space to professionals, so choose the ones that are most relevant to your virtual assistant business. Some of the most popular sites include:

Google Ads – This platform allows you to place advertisements alongside Google search results and on the Google Display Network. You can target people based on locations, devices, and more.

Facebook – This free advertising platform allows you to create ads to target specific audiences based on geography, interests, and more.

Twitter – Similar to Facebook ads, you can create targeted tweets to reach a specific audience.

Instagram- Create posts or advertisements for this popular social media platform. Target an audience based on geography, interests, and more.

Encourage referrals

A powerful way to grow your business is by encouraging your virtual assistant (VA) to refer other VAs they know that may have clients that need help.

You can do this in a few ways. The first is by creating a VA referral program. You offer a special discount or free trial to any client that your VA’s refer, and they get a bonus or discount for the referral. You can also offer the VA that refers the most clients a bonus.

The second way is by having a page on your website with all the information needed to contact you, including how you can help them grow their own business. By doing this, you are encouraging VAs to leave their current job and start their own business, which brings in more clients for you.

Prepare a service offer

After you have decided what type of services you will offer your virtual assistant to do, you must prepare a service offering to give your VA work to do.

You can make your offering more specific in a blog post-write-up or more general (research an area). You can pay your VA per task or by the hour, depending on how much work you give them and how quickly they complete the work.

Create a detailed contract

A contract is the backbone of any professional relationship. Even though you will be working with this person remotely, it is critical to have a detailed contract that lays out the details of the job.

Your VA will be handling some sensitive information, so it’s important to have a contract that addresses privacy and confidentiality concerns. You also want to make sure you set clear expectations for the work they will be doing.

Addresses privacy and confidentiality concerns? Yes, this may seem like an odd thing to point out, but we’ve worked with too many people who have had issues with this.

Privacy and confidentiality issues can come up if your VA accesses information that is not appropriate for them to know or share. By having a clear and detailed contract, you can prevent any confusion or breaches in security.

Inventory and record-keeping

The next step in starting your own VA business is to create an inventory of tasks you will compete for your clients.

This includes skills you have, like communication skills, research skills, organizational skills, etc. It also includes things you can do for clients, like marketing, admin work, writing, creative content creation, etc.

It’s important to have these down because clients will most likely ask you for these things. Clients want results and don’t care how you get there as long as it’s done well.

Besides the basic skills required to fulfill client requests, it’s also important to keep track of all incoming and outgoing information. Clients will give you all kinds of info: contact names, numbers, emails, phone calls or chat transcripts (and recordings), meeting notes (and records) . . . the list goes on!

It’s very important to keep track of all of this information in case there is ever a mistake or miscommunication.

Time management and task planning

As a virtual assistant, you will need to develop strong time management and task-planning skills. You will juggle multiple tasks and clients, so you need to keep track of everything.

You will need to develop a system for keeping clients organized, keeping track of their requests and needs, and how you will deliver their requests to them.

A task management tool can be very helpful for organizing your clients’ requests. Many include tools that help with organization, collaboration with other assistants working on the same tasks, and accountability.

Being able to organize your time effectively is a big part of this job. Manage your own time in order to manage the time of your client’s requests. It is important to say “no” when needed as well.

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