Does Email Management Help A Business?

Written by Qikassist

September 12, 2021


This article will explore how email management services can help a business.

Today, emails are an essential form of business communication. Executives and entrepreneurs tend to have high volumes of email. They can spend the entire workday monitoring their email inbox.

While managing email accounts executives can become helpless so to speak. They may watch the time it takes to manage inbound and outbound emails go by. Quickly turning from minutes into hours, followed by days or weeks of work backlog.

The extra time email management takes can rob entrepreneurs of essential time. The time that they can use for other pressing business activities. Even time that they can spend on personal or family matters.

Besides this, among important inbound emails, spam emails lurk. Sorting out the two can be stressful, exhausting, and a waste of precious time.

Email management best practices such as hiring a virtual assistant are helpful. Your email administrative assistant will assist you to sort emails. They can delete spam, draft replies, monitor email reminders, and other email solutions.

Using email communication tools is also another method. It is easy and practical. Email programs have improved communication and streamlines email management and distribution.

Email Management for Executives

Let’s introduce you to Bob. He is a busy entrepreneur and business executive. He has a growing company and many projects to handle under his belt. Besides this, he has, clients and customers that he must communicate with regularly.

Bob also has a family and he likes to keep in touch with them. Bob’s company’s main form of communication is by email. But Bob spends long hours in his inbox and many nights he does not make it home by dinner time.

Bob has decided to hire an executive assistant to handle his email correspondence. But in hindsight, his business cannot afford to do so. Yes, his business is growing but he has no financial space to accommodate another staff. He cannot afford to pay any overhead costs associated with an onsite assistant.

What should Bob do?

Bob has a solution to his business email management issues. He decides to outsource the tasks. This option would save him money, time, and energy. Bob, therefore hires a virtual assistant to manage his email communication. The below are Bob’s virtual assistant job description:

  • Checking Email
  • Reading Email
  • Drafting Emails
  • Organizing Email
  • Categorize Emails
  • Creating Email Filters
  • Archive and Backup Emails
  • Deleting Spam
  • Manage Email Subscriptions
  • Creating Email Templates
  • Coordinating Email Campaigns

How did hiring a Virtual Assistant help, Bob?

Bob’s virtual assistant was professional and resourceful. She managed his email account. His VA created email processes and procedures to categorize his emails. Bob’s VA updated his contact lists and filtered junk mails.

The virtual assistant also helped Bob with his email writing processes. The VA reviewed Bob’s emails and drafted correspondence for him. They responded to emails and drew Bob’s attention to urgent emails.

Now that Bob has an organized email inbox, he was able to take care of other business and family matters.

The above virtual assistant example is just a sample of how a VA can help you. Your email manager will build an inbox monitoring and management process. When you delegate this work to a virtual assistant your productivity will increase.

What is email management?

Electronic mail management is the process of coordinating and monitoring email communications.

What is email campaign management?

Email campaign management monitors email marketing processes. A business may have a list of email subscribers. They would create email campaigns promoting their business or services. These campaigns are sent to subscribers from time to time to their email subscribers. Email campaign management involves the designing of email templates. As well as the distribution and monitoring of emails from one medium to its subscribers.

How important is good email management?

Good email management is very important. Email communication tools are a reliable way to connect with businesses and customers. Many businesses rely on communicating with clients via emails. Emails are now more trusted, reliable, and more used than letter writing.

How much does email marketing management cost?

Email management services can cost $10 per hour and upwards.

Qikassist has email management solutions to help you. You will find our professional services helpful. We are flexible and are willing to work with your budget.

Our team can organize your email inbox, filter emails, delete junk mails, and backup emails. We will also check emails regularly, read emails, draft replies, and prioritize emails. Your dedicated virtual assistant will get to know you and your business. They will manage your email account. Also, provide tailored advice to help you get the best from your email campaigns.

We can work with executives, lawyers, project managers, entrepreneurs, and you. Contact us for more details.

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